Menardi’s Place in the Pulp Mill

Menardi’s Place in the Pulp Mill

Menardi manufactures filtration products utilized in Kraft pulp mills. Kraft mills make up over 70% of the US mills with Sulfite and Ground-wood mills having the remaining share. Developed in Germany during the 1870’s the first domestic Kraft Process plant opened in Roanoke Rapids, NC in 1930. The Kraft method is the process of cooking wood chips under pressure in an alkaline (caustic) chemical mixture, known as white liquor. The chemicals used are too expensive and too toxic for...

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COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Customer, With the COVID-19 virus situation continuing to rapidly evolve, I wanted to take a minute to update you on current status at Menardi LLC. Currently, our plant in the U.S. remains fully operational. Currently, we are facing no materials shortages, and are receiving materials and shipping finished goods as usual. We have taken proactive measures to manage and monitor the supply and demand of crucial materials. Today, we see no areas of risk in our ability to supply...

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New Case Study: Leak Detection

Pulse Jet collector at a mining facility in the Kaolin Industry using 22oz Fiberglass filters w/ ePTFE membrane. Customer was having emissions on a spray dryer dust collector and could not find any leaks in the dust collector housing or any of the filter bags using traditional leak detection equipment. Customer was going off-line once per week to run a leak detect test to try and isolate compartments or change filters that were not performing. View Case Study

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“ULTIMA” is based upon the concept of being the heaviest and toughest membrane that utilizes a minimal dust cake, which does not contaminate during long term use even under high peak usage conditions. View Product

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New Product Launch: Menardi HPF

Menardi-HPF filter media combines the benefits of needle loom fiber entangling with revolutionary hydro-entangling technology to deliver industry leading dust collection performance. View Data Sheets

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Menardi Filter Elements Introduces New Technology to the Dust Collection Market

Menardi Filter Elements introduces alternatives to traditional needlefelt filter media, providing dramatically improved filtration performance. The Menardi-HPF and Menardi-HPFX combine the benefits of needle loom fiber entangling with a unique hydro-entangling technology to deliver industry-leading dust collection performance, resulting in fundamental gains in filtration efficiency.  In addition to improved dust collection, the new filters also lower operating costs in robust filtration...

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Menardi Participated in Greenwood Industry Showcase

The Greenwood Regional Industry Showcase was held September 17 and 18 at Piedmont Technical College. The showcase provided youth with the opportunity to learn about job opportunities available at local manufacturing businesses and within other local industries. The event was designed to educate local youth on career paths available after high school. Many companies in Greenwood County participated in the event. Menardi exhibited at the event with several representatives from the...

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How do I identify a leaking bag while the collector is in operation?

In many plants, leaky bag detection is difficult because of the extensive duct work from the dust collector to the main induced fan. Visually observing emissions requires a person to physically view the outlet of the fan or to measure or monitor the HEPA filter used prior to the fan. The most effective way to monitor and identify leaking bags is to first have a broken bag detector installed. The detector monitors normal dust levels while in operation and alarms when those levels exceed...

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Menardi News Bites

Check out our new case study on the addition of seam tape technology to the sewn seams of the filters: Seam Tape



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