Leak Check & Initial Start-up of a Total Set of Bags

  1. Turn off the bag cleaning mechanism, set the inlet and outlet compartment dampers to the open position and open access door to duct work on clean air side of baghouse.
  2. Close fan damper to 50-60% open.
  3. With the process off-line, start the fan and introduce the tracer compound in through the ductwork. Injecting the tracer compound should take about one minute. Allow the fan to run no more than 30 seconds after injection of the compound tracer. Do not operate the cleaning mechanism during or after injection of the tracer compound.
  4. Shut the fan off and inspect the filter bags from the clean air plenum, using the specially designed detector light. Inspection involves opening the top door and shining the light over the clean air plenum and tubesheet. There will be a build-up of tracer compound around a filter bag which indicates a faulty filter bag seal or defective filter bag. Repair or replace filter bags as necessary to obtain a positive filter bag seal.
  5. With the process off-line, start the fan and begin increasing the temperature through the baghouse until the temperature exceeded the expected dew point with some safety margin. At that time it is acceptable to introduce product into the baghouse for filtering.
  6. When the flange to flange pressure drop reaches 4-6 inches, initiate one complete cleaning cycle. The pressure drop should be reduced to the 1-2 inch level following cleaning and take several hours to rise again to the 4-6 inch level. If this occurs, set the cleaning controls to automatically clean at 6 inches and monitor the pressure drop characteristic until stable operation is achieved.
  7. Following 1st cleaning cycle, open fan damper to 75% open. After 2 cleaning
    cycle, open fan damper to 100% open.