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Liquid Filtration Capabilities

Proven Expertise Worldwide
Menardi develops filtration media and fabricates filters to withstand harsh operating conditions, high temperature, and chemical attack. Our fabrics can be specially designed for clarity, quick dewatering, and optimum cake release with consideration to operation temperature and chemistry. Our engineers can develop media specifically to meet your most demanding requirements. Menardi can supply your hardware and accessory requirements including metal and molded synthetic leaves, plates, and frames
Vacuum Filtration

► Horizontal Pan Filters
► Rotary Drum Filters
► Vertical Disc Filters
► Vertical Belt Filters
► Pan Filter Cloths
► Filter Blankets
► Endless Belts
► Filter Belts

Pressure Filtration

► Vertical Belt Press Cloths
► Dual Belt Press Cloths
► Pressure Leaf Covers
► Filter Press Cloths
► Centrifuge Cloths
► Candle Filters
► Strainer Bags
► Kelly Bags

Hardware & Accessories

► Woven Wire Cloth Filter Paper
► Horizontal Filter Carrier Belts
► Bridge Plate Assemblies
► Perforated Filter Tubes
► Vertical Disc Sectors
► Technical Services
► Drainage Grids
► Division Strips
► Dr. Blades
► Polypropylene & Metal Plates
► Membrane Chamber Plates
► Recessed Chamber Plates
► Plate and Frame Plates
► Pressure Filter Leaves
► Centrifuge Baskets
► Scraper Paddles
► Caulking Cord
► Roll Goods