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Where in the world is Menardi’s Jerry Lanting?

See inside a baghouse and hear from boots on the ground about what we look for on-site to provide fast, friendly & reliable solutions.

Meet Menardi

Meet Cassius “CJ”

Meet Cassius “CJ”

Name: Cassius “CJ”
Department: Glass Area 
Years with Menardi: 1
What he enjoys most about working with Menardi:  “I love the environment and the hours.” 
A few fun facts: He is a music producer and an artist; his passion is music and hopes to make a living out of it one day. 

Meet Gail

Meet Gail

Name: Gail
Department: Glass Area 
Years with Menardi: 5.5
What she enjoys most about working with Menardi:  “Working with others and being able to learn new things”
A few fun facts: She likes to cook, spend time with family, attend church, and work around her home.