Baghouse Inspection Recommendations


► Walk through the baghouse area to check for normal or abnormal visual and audible conditions.
► Check the pressure drop.
► Monitor the gas flow rate.
► Check the cleaning cycle.
► Check compressed air and water traps on pulse jet baghouses.
► Monitor the discharge system by making sure dust is removed as needed.
► Observe the stack plume opacity.


► Spot check bag seating conditions.
► Spot check for bag leaks and holes.
► Check all moving parts on shaker baghouses.
► Check fans for corrosion and blade wear.
► Check all hoses and clamps.
► Inspect the baghouse housing for corrosion.


► Spot-check bag tensioning in reverse air and shaker baghouses.
► Blow out (clear) the manometer or magnehelic lines.
► Verify the working order of temperature-indicating equipment.
► Check the compressed air lines, including line oilers and filters.
► Check the bag cleaning sequence to see that all valves are seating properly.
► Check all moving parts on the discharge system and check the screw conveyor bearings.
► Check the drive components on all fans.


► Thoroughly inspect all filter bags.
► Calibrate the opacity monitor.
► Check gaskets on all doors and ducts.
► Inspect the paint on the baghouse and note corrosion.
► Inspect the baffle plate for wear.
► Observe the dampers for proper seating.
► Check the ducts for dust buildup.


► Check all welds and bolts.
► Check the hoppers for wear.
► Replace high-wear parts on the cleaning system.