Proper Filter Bag Tension

Proper Filter Bag Tension For Reverse Air Baghouses
The proper tension on a reverse air bag should be two (2) pounds per 1″ of circumference (ex. 11-1/2″ diameter x 3.1416 (p) = 36.11″ circumference x 2 lbs. = 72 lbs. tension).
Excessive Tension

► Premature bag failure results from unnecessary stresses to the yarns and sewing threads of the bags, and typically failures occur around the cuff and anti-collapse rings.
► Excessive tensioning also prohibits the proper flexing needed to release the dust cake during the cleaning cycle.

Insufficient Tension

► Allows excessive horizontal movement causing bag-to-bag abrasion.
► Too much slack allows the bag to fold over the thimble and these creases are sandblasted from the inlet dust.
► The flexing at these folds also leads to self-abrasion of the fabric.
► The bag collapses, choking off and preventing the dust from falling out of the bag. This causes dust re-entrainment resulting in a higher delta P across the bags and reduced air flow.