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Cartridge Filters – Are you using the correct and best design?

About the Webinar

Menardi’s technical team will discuss how to determine if you’re using the correct and best-designed cartridges in your dust collectors. Using the wrong type of filters may be increasing maintenance costs, requiring more energy use, and costing operations more to operate.

In this webinar, we will be discussing the different types of filter media that are commonly used, what application and dust properties each are best designed for, and some design differences to consider before your next purchase that may help increase filter lifetime. If your dust is combustible, we will also touch upon cartridge design musts that reduce the risk of static charge build-up within the cartridges.

Come ready to learn and eager to ask questions. We know each application and dust collector installation is different, and we are here to help with your specific issues. This webinar is completely free, we look forward to helping you.

About the Speaker

Daniel Rousseau
Technical Director of Cartridges & Collectors
Nederman Filter Competence Center

Industry Experience
Daniel Rousseau has over 25 years of application engineering and troubleshooting experience, providing air filtration solutions for many different processing and industries, including metal fabrication, metal cutting and machining, food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, textiles, woodworking, composite manufacturing, and many others. He has been published in Cutting Tool Engineering and authored a technical reference manual: Mist Collection of Metalworking Fluids. Daniel’s experience also includes product engineering, product development, and R&D engineering including several developments of filters for improved efficiency and longer lifetime to reduce worker exposure to contaminated air, for both wet and dry systems. Recently, he has completed work upgrading several small dust collectors with higher efficiency and improved cleanability media, done re-engineering to improve filter dust holding capacity, and reduce maintenance intervals. Currently, he is working to improve the efficiency and lifetime of disposable cartridges for Nederman’s small products, as well as he is involved in updating Nederman cartridge dust collectors with patent-pending designs to increase airflow capacity, reduce system static pressure, and/or reduce operating costs. Nederman is the parent company of Menardi LLC.
Fun Facts
In his free time, Dan spends a lot of time working around the new house that he and his wife have purchased. Dan likes to keep busy around the new house doing things like yard and garden work to indoor small remodeling projects. Another pastime of Dan’s is hiking, mostly up in the Carolina mountains.