Product Information

Menardi-LD: When Operating Cost Matters

Made in the USA

Menardi-LD is based upon the concept of being the heaviest and toughest membrane. It utilizes a minimal dust cake and does not contaminate during long term use even under high peak usage conditions.
► Energy savings up to $160k/year
► Reduced pore size means less clogging
► Pressure drop builds faster
► Particulate embeds deeply
► Particulate remains after cleaning
Excellent for “Electric Arc Furnace – EAF”, “Ferro Silica Furnace”, and other “Primary & Secondary Alloy Smelting” applications.
► Dust cake formation begins and stays on the surface.

► Tight, consistent pore structure leads to excellent dust cake shed.

► True surface filtration
► Minimal particulate remains even after prolonged use
► Embedded particulate remains, even after cleaning cycles
Operational Cost Savings with Menardi LD