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Introducing Menardi-HPF Technology

Revolutionary filtration media specifically designed for industrial dust collection and other filtration applications
Menardi is proud to introduce a new technology to the industrial dust collection market, produced from a unique process technology which delivers superior filtration performance versus incumbent materials. Historically, various fiber types are formed into various weights of filtration media through a traditional needle loom which has met market needs with a specific balance of properties. However, today’s utilities and industrial users are demanding higher performance filtration; filters which deliver improved collection efficiency with lower operating costs in a robust filtration system.

Menardi-HPF filter media combines the benefits of needle loom fiber entangling with revolutionary hydro-entangling technology to deliver industry leading dust collection performance. The phenomena of entangling fibers with high pressure water jets creates a unique balance of lower mean pore size in a mass-efficient structure. Menardi-HPF represents a new paradigm in filtration media by delivering a product with dramatically improved filtration efficiency, an inherent ability to promote surface dust collection, lower pressure drop over time, and reduction in pulse cycle times.

Filtration Performance
Filtration performance characteristics are best demonstrated through the VDI test, a test apparatus specifically designed to characterize filter media performance in a bag house application. Using the VDI test to compare a typical 16 oz/yd2 Needlefelt from the market with a lighter weight 14 oz/yd2 Menardi-HPF filtration felt, the results show dramatic improvement in filtration performance as measured by clean gas concentration (mg/m3).

Fundamental gains in filtration efficiency is a result of fiber entangling technology. The impact of hydro- entangling results in lower mean flow pore size and improved consistency versus traditional needlefelt. The improved fiber entangling can be observed through comparison of SEM images, as shown below.

Needlefelt with Singe
Menardi-HPF with Singe
Cross Section, 50x magnification
Entanglement from 2500 needle punches per square inch
Top View, 150x magnification
Pore size dependent upon fiber diameter
Cross Section, 50x magnification
Entanglement from high pressure water jets
Top View, 150x magnification
Lower mean flow pore size created from hydro-entangling
Surface Dust Collection
Technically savvy end-users know that filter media which promote surface dust collection deliver improved bag house performance through more effective cleaning from bag pulses. Additionally, in applications where gas stream reagents and sorbents are used, surface dust collection helps create a platform where the chemistry can be allowed to perform most effectively. The images below were taken after execution of the VDI test, where standardized test dust becomes imbedded in the needle felt, resisting the effect of the bag pulses.
18 oz/yd2 Traditional Needlefelt
18 oz/yd2 Menardi-HPF Filtration Felt
The Menardi-HPF media promotes surface dust collection in a way that responds more effectively to bag pulses, leaving the surface much cleaner and ready to perform during the next cycle. VDI data from a series of tests is characterized with the model shown at the right.

When comparing pressure drop performance over time of membrane, needlefelt and Menardi-HPF media, the Menardi-HPF media demonstrates improved ΔP over time delivering lower operating costs to users.

Menardi-HPF is available in all fiber types commonly used in needlefelt including PPS, PET and Aramid.



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