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Menardi-HPF Durability

A revolutionary fabric technology delivering improved performance for the industry

For many years, the industrial filtration industry has used needlefelt in filter bags as part of the air pollution control process. Menardi Filters is introducing Menardi-HPF and Menardi-HPFX as new alternatives to traditional needlefelt filter media which provide users dramatically improved filtration performance. A vital aspect of the fabric filter performance is the durability of the fabric over time. Customers need filter bags which can withstand the mechanical fatigue associated with the frequent pulse cleaning cycles. This durability performance was studied by using a standard test method known as MIT Flex Test (ASTM D2176) comparing Menardi-HPF to Needlefelt.

This ASTM standard test method uses samples of the fabric cut in both the machine direction (MD) and cross direction (MD) and is setup to cycle the fabric flexing repeatedly, simulating the mechanical fatigue initiated by the cleaning cycle. The test records the total number of cycles to failure. All fabrics tested were fiber supported (no scrim), and three replicates were used for each of the fabrics.

The aramid Menardi-HPF in 12 oz/yd2 and 14 oz/yd2 was tested along with a 14 oz/yd2 aramid needlefelt fabric. The superior toughness of the Menardi-HPF felt can be observed with these results. At equal basis weights (14 oz/yd2), the aramid Menardi-HPF lasted 36% longer than the needlefelt when considering both MD and CD cycles to failure data. Likewise, the 12 oz/yd2 aramid Menardi-HPF lasted 10% longer than the 14 oz/yd2 needlefelt.

Based on the superior filtration efficiency performance of Menardi-HPF versus needlefelt coupled with this durability performance, lighter weight Menardi-HPF options could be considered.

In the same testing with polyester felt, the Menardi-HPF felt demonstrates substantial improvement over needlefelt, showing that 15 oz/yd2 polyester Menardi-HPF lasted 13% longer than the 16 oz/yd2 polyester needlefelt.

The textile technology which enables this durability performance is due to the high-pressure hydro-entangling that the Menardi-HPF process is built around. With a higher degree of entanglement, more fiber to fiber intersections leads to stronger and more durable felt. The increased fiber entanglement can be observed by SEM images shown.

Needlefelt, 150x magnification
Menardi-HPF, 150x magnification

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