Environmental Responsibility

We shall provide solutions that protect people, planet and products from the harmful effects of industrial processes.

Our work shall meet or exceed current legislation, and focus on continual improvement & resource efficiency – thereby contributing to sustainable development and minimized impact on the environment.

Menardi Filters continuously looks for ways to improve our environment. By pairing up with Pratt Industries and using 100% recycled boxes, Menardi has been awarded the Environmental Impact Award for 2023.

Did you know that for every ton of recycled paper used:

7,000 gallons of water are saved

17 trees are saved

4,000 KWh of power are saved

1 ton of CO2 is kept from the atmosphere

3.3 cubic yards of waste from landfills are saved

Menardi has been able to reduce the usage of:

gallons of water

kwh of power


tons of co2

Cubic yards diverted from landfill

Together, we can all make a difference!

Current & Past Actions

In all operating facilities, all facilities actively seeks to: reduce energy consumption, increase waste recycling, reduce CO2 from goods transportation, and to provide safe and healthy workplaces.

Menardi has received the Environmental Impact Award by Pratt Industries in 2022 and 2023

Menardi has teamed up with Pratt Industries to continue improving our environmental impact. By using recycled boxes for our shipping/packaging needs Menardi has been able to reduce the following:

  • 133,000 gallons of water
  • 76,000 Kilowatt hours of power
  • 323 trees saved
  • 19 tons of CO2 prevented
  • 63 cubic yards diverted from landfill

This is only one of the many ways that Menardi is working to reduce the harmful effects of industrial processes and minimizing the impact on our environment.