4 Times Cleaner Air

Introducing Menardi-HPF Filter Media

How is it possible to release four times cleaner air from your baghouse? The answer is simple: it’s all in the power of Menardi-HPF a revolutionary new filtration media. Today’s utilities and industrial users are demanding higher performance filtration; technology which delivers improved collection efficiency with lower operating costs in a robust filtration system. Menardi-HPF combines the benefits of needle loom fiber entangling with a unique hydro-entangling technology to deliver industry leading dust collection performance.

This unique method of fiber entanglement in Menardi-HPF yields a filter media which delivers a powerful combination of lower mean pore size in a strong felt. The lower mean pore size is a result of the improvement in fiber entangling over the traditional needlefelt used today.

According to the well-known VDI filtration efficiency test, Menardi-HPF delivers a 4X improvement in clean gas concentration versus traditional needlefelt – literally 4 times cleaner air. An example is shown in the data on the right which compare a lighter weight Menardi-HPF media to standard needlefelt which is heavier in weight. The results are even more dramatic for Menardi-HPF when comparing against a needlefelt of the same weight.

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