Menardi Filter Elements introduces alternatives to traditional needlefelt filter media, providing dramatically improved filtration performance. The Menardi-HPF and Menardi-HPFX combine the benefits of needle loom fiber entangling with a unique hydro-entangling technology to deliver industry-leading dust collection performance, resulting in fundamental gains in filtration efficiency.  In addition to improved dust collection, the new filters also lower operating costs in robust filtration systems.

As reported by the VDI Filtration Efficiency Test, Menardi-HPF delivers four times cleaner air – four times the improvement in clean gas concentration verses traditional needlefelt filter media. The revolutionary fabric technology used in the Menardi-HPF and Menardi-HPFX provides exceptional durability performance as well.  In standard MIT Flex Tests comparing Menardi-HPF to needlefelt filter media of, the Menardi-HPF lasted up to 36% longer than the needlefelt, demonstrating the superior toughness of the new filter media.

Since 1913, Menardi Filter Elements has been innovating the dust collection industry.  Menardi’s manufacturing and technical expertise provide industry-leading products for dry filtration, liquid pressure filtration, and liquid vacuum filtration applications.  Learn more about Menardi’s products and solutions for industrial filter needs by visiting